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Review Requests

I am currently accepting review requests for young adult, Christian fiction, and middle-grade books. I will consider all sub-genres as long as they meet one of the categories listed above. I will not be accepting non-fiction or poetry at this time.

I have a few rules before I consider reviewing a book.
~Understand that if there is mature content, the book may not be finished and it will be noted in the review.
~Reviews will not be posted on Amazon. They will be posted on Goodreads.
~Reviews will be posted a month or so after a book is accepted and received.
~Let me know which formats you will be able to offer. (Print preferred but will accept mobi and epub.)

Reviews will include the cover, title & author, back cover info, review, list of romance, language, violence, and spiritual aspects, and any other details requested (such as author info and promo).

Any book I receive will not be sold. If a physical copy, I will either keep the book or donate it to my local library. Ebooks will be kept on my device or deleted.

As with all of my reviews, they are honest. I am not trying to be cruel when I post a negative review. I understand that the author has put a lot of time and effort into writing the book.

Blog Tours/Book Launch/Cover Reveal

Please ask me to be part of your blog tour/cover reveal/book launch. Typically, I book three weeks ahead so let me know early.

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