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Addison-Fox, Sarah - Retrieve
Allen, Carrie S. - Michigan vs. the Boys
Andrews, Mesu - Isaiah's Daughter


Brandes, Nadine - Fawkes
Brandes, Nadine - Romanov
Breakley, Caleb - The String 
Buchanan, J. C. - Proof of Purple


Cabot, Amanda - A Tender Hope
Callahan, Patti - Becoming Mrs. Lewis
Carlblom, Linda - Camp Club Girls; Bailey
Carlson, Melody - Christmas in Winter Hill
Carlson, Melody - Courting Mr. Emerson
Carlson, Melody - Just Another Girl
Carlyle, Cate - #NotReadyToDie
Carr, Lauren - Killer Deadline
Carter, Jillian - The Code for Love and Heartbreak
Claire, Abigayle - Martin Hospitality
Clipston, Amy - A Welcome at Our Door
Clipston, Amy - Destination Unknown
Coble, Colleen - Strands of Truth
Connealy, Mary - The Accidental Guardian
Crompton, Laurie Boyle - Frisky in Fresno
Cuevas, Mayra - Salty Bitter Sweet
Currie, Hannah - Heart of a Royal


D'Avenia, Alessandro, - White as Silence, Red as Song
Davison, Sara - The End Begins
Dees, Stephanie - The Marriage Bargain
Dekker, Ted; Dekker, Rachelle - The Girl Behind the Red Rope
Denman, Carolyn - Sanguine
Denman, Carolyn - Songlines
DeRusha, Michelle - True You: Letting Go of Your False Self to Uncover the Person God Created
Dickerson, Melanie - The Golden Braid
Dickerson, Melanie - The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest
Dickerson, Melanie - The Peasant's Dream
Dickerson, Melanie - The Piper's Pursuit
Dickerson, Melanie - The Warrior Maiden
Dietze, Suzanne - The Blizzard Bride
Drews, C. G. - A Thousand Perfect Notes
Drexler, Jan - The Roll of the Drums


Eason, Lynette - Called to Protect
Eason, Lynette - Collateral Damage
Eason, Lynette - Vow of Justice
Ella, Sara - Coral
Emmons, Abbie - 100 Days of Sunlight
Ericson, Tara Grace - A Date for Daisy
Ericson, Tara Grace - Hoping for Hawthorne
Evans, Richard Paul - If Only (also titled Grace)


Faris, Tari - You Belong With Me
Ferguson, Janet A. - Magnolia Storms
Ferguson, Melissa - The Dating Charade
Finkbeiner, Susie - Stories that Bind Us
Fisher, Suzanne Woods - Mending Fences
Fisher, Suzanne Woods - On a Coastal Breeze
Fisher, Suzanne Woods - On a Summer Tide
Fisher, Suzanne Woods - Stitches in Time
Foley, Jamie - Emberhawk
Fordham, Rachael - Yours Truly, Thomas
Franklin, Lindsay A. - The Story Hunter
Frantz, Laura - An Uncommon Woman
Fujimura, Sara - Every Reason We Shouldn't
Fukuda, Andrew - This Light Between Us


Gabhart, Ann H. - The Refuge
Gabriel, Kimberly - Every Stolen Breath
Gardner, Kati - Finding Balance
Gerber, Alison - Braced 
Gervais, Alison - The Silence Between Us 
Goddard, Elizabeth - Never Let Go
Grzy, Sarah Grace - Live Again
Grzy, Sarah Grace - Live Without You
Gunn, Robin Jones - Finding Father Christmas
Gunn, Robin Jones - One More Wish
Gunn, Robin Jones - Sierra Jensen Collection 1
Gunn, Robin Jones - Summer Promise


Hannibal, James R. - The Gryphon Heist
Harrel, Lindsay - The Joy of Falling
Hatcher, Robin Lee - Cross My Heart 
Henry, April - The Body in the Woods
Hepler, Heather - We Were Beautiful
Hillman, Pam - The Crossing at Cypress Creek
Hur, June - The Silence of Bones


Isaac, Kara - One Thing I Know


Jarmusch, Livy Lynn - The Wedding
Jenkins, Emma Mae - Be Loved
Jones, Jenny B. - There You'll Find Me
June, Christina - No Place Like Here


Klavan, Andrew - If We Survive
Klavan, Andrew - The Long Way Home
Kraft, Lynnette - Archie of Outlandish


Lasky, Kathryn - Hawksmaid
Lawson, Liz - The Lucky Ones
Leppard, Lois Gladys - Mandie and the Dark Alley
Leppard, Lois Gladys - Mandie and the Tornado
Linaberg, Kara - The Broken Prince
Lord, Emma - Tweet Cute


Mac, Carrie - Wildfire
Majors, Katie Davis - Kisses from Katie
Makechnie, Amy - The Unforgettable Guinevere St. Claire
Mackey, A. S. - The Edge of Everywhen
McBride, Brian - Every Bright and Broken Thing
McDaniel, Lurlene - Angel of Mercy
McQueen, Daven - The Invincible Summer of Juniper Jones
McQuerry, Marueen Doyle - Between Before and After
Morrill, Stephanie - Within These Lines


Naigle, Nancy - Christmas Angels
Nappa, Mike (with Melissa Kosci) - A Dream Within a Dream
Nixon, Joan Lowery - A Family Apart


Obenhaus, Mindy - Her Colorado Cowboy
Obenhaus, Mindy - The Deputy's Holdiay Family
Obenhaus, Mindy - Their Ranch Reunion


Pallmore, Elle - Lemon Lavender is Not Fine
Palmer, V. Joy - Weddings, Willows, and Revised Expectations
Patchen, Robin - Convenient Lies
Pennington, Jessica - Meet Me at Midnight
Perry, J. Dolores - Those Who Rise
Pettrey, Dani - Shattered
Potts, Faith - Dandelion Dust
Potts, Faith - Love Needs No Words



Rawlings, David - The Baggage Handler
Riordan, Rick - The Lost Hero
Rogerson, Margaret - An Enchantment of Ravens
Ross, Tara K. - Fade to White
Rutherford, Mara - Crown of Coral and Pearl


Schroeder, Chawna - The Vault Between Spaces
Scott, Regina - A Distance Too Grand
Sebastian, Laura - Ash Princess
Sebastian, Laura - Ember Queen
Sebastian, Laura - Lady Smoke
Siccardi, Joe - Heaven Shining Through
Sim, Tara - Scavenge the Stars
Smith, Heather Norman - Grace and Lavender
Smith, Jill Eileen - The Heart of a King
Smucker, Shawn - Light From Distant Stars
Smucker, Shawn - The Edge of Over There
Sonnenblick, Jordan - Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie
Stephens, Naomi - Shadow Among Sheaves
Stevens, Court - The June Boys
Stohl, Margaret (with Melissa de la Cruz) - Jo and Laurie
Sullivan, Annie - Tiger Queen
Swanson, Kara - Dust
Swanson, Kara - The Girl Who Could See





Wade, Becky - Sweet on You
Wahl, Leslea - eXtreme Blindside
Wahl, Leslea - Where You Lead
Wahl, Leslea - Where You Lead (Review 2)
Walters, Natalie - Living Lies
Walters, Natalie - Silent Shadows
Weber, Mary - Storm Siren
Weber, Mary - To Best the Boys
Weber, Mary - To Best the Boys (Review 2)
West, Kasie - By Your Side
West, Kasie - Lucky in Love
West, Kasie - The Fill-In Boyfriend
Whisper, Willowy - Angel Gate
White, Beth - A Reluctant Belle
White, Roseanna M. - A Number of Love
White, Roseanna M. - On Wings of Devotion
Wilcock, Jennifer - Exit Stage Right
Wilson, Abigail - In the Shadow of Croft Towers
Wilson, Abigail - Midnight on the River Grey
Witemeyer, Karen - More Than Words Can Say
Woodhouse, Kimberley - The Express Bride
Woodhouse, Kimberley - The Golden Bride



Y'Barbo, Kathleen, - The Alamo Bride


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